What is the Astra Security Suite?

WebApp Firewall

Prevents 80+ web app security flaws with a razor-sharp security engine, honeypots & intelligent mechanisms

Security Tools

Swiss Knife of essential plugins for signup spam prevention, bad bots, malware scans & website health

Community Security

Power of the human community to find business logic errors and convert potential negative publicity to positive

You may have a fantastic website, but if you don't take care of its security, it can be gone in a flash. Websites get hacked. That’s real. That's why we have tied up with Astra Web Security to provide top-notch security to your websites.

If the website is already hacked/infected, Astra cleans it up, and then their intelligent firewall makes sure that the website stays protected. Astra protects websites built using any major CMS like WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Prestashop etc. and PHP based websites. Our clients get access to an exclusive dashboard where they can view Astra in action. 

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As an astra partner

We work with with the professionals to make it easy for you 

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Security badge you can trust!

Astra's vision is to make cybersecurity a five-minute affair for businesses. Our promise to a business owner is that their business would be secure without any ifs or buts. If a business is using Astra, they will be secure - no questions asked.