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Stay on track. Easily.

A+ Homeschool Timer has been designed with a school-like structure to make your child's homeschool day easier to keep track of. With our simple to use timer, your child will also learn time management through keeping track of their own day!

Half Day:

Classes = 3 x 45 minutes

Breaks = 1 x 2 minutes

Reccess = 1 x 15 minutes

2 hours 47 minutes total each day

Full Day:

Classes = 6 x 45 minutes

Breaks = 2 x 2 minutes

Reccess = 2 x 15 minutes

Lunchtime = 1 hour

6 hours 2 minutes total each day

A+ Homeschool Timer

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  • Easy to follow
  • Voice prompts along with traditional school bell

Families trust A+ Homeschool Timer to keep their kids on track.

Join us and make your Homeschooling life more manageable.


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