Secure e-Waste Disposal

Our Secure IT Asset Disposal helps you securely discard or recycle many diverse company tech resources (e.g. laptops, hard drives, printers, tape libraries, etc.) in an Eco-friendly way. 
We are now offering services to 
securely dispose of your sensitive computer assets.

Secured Access

Only the people who need access will have it.

Secured Storage

We securely store e-Waste materials until it is destroyed.


Our services can help to keep e-Waste out of our landfills.

our prices

Scheduled Pickups

$ 20 .00

/ per
  • Scheduled Pickup of e-Waste

Flat Screen Monitors

$ 10 .00

/ per
  • Disposal of flat screen monitors

Secure Hard Drive Destruction

$ 5 .00

/ per
  • Certificates of Destruction
  • Digital OR Physical
  • SMART test

Scheduled pickups are $20

IT asset disposal services include: 

Computer Hard Drives


Backup Tapes

SD Cards



Audio Equipment